Our clients value their health as much as their appearance, and caring for the environment is integral part of their life.

Through a simple and regular beauty ritual with hair coloring and washing, manicure and massage, the human body is subjected to thousands of chemical compounds.

Natural beauty care is recommended to everybody, but especially for mothers-to-be and women with newborns, people with skin problems, people with heightened sensitivity, allergies, asthma and other consequences of an industrial lifestyle.

To reduce potential harm to our clients body we abide following rules -

✔ We use maximum natural and eco certified products. Eco certifications: NaTrue, Ecocert, BDIH, Soil etc.

✔ In cosmetology, body treatments and spa rituals we use only freshly prepared products without any harmful synthetic ingredients. 

✔ To demonstrate the power of Latvian nature, during the procedures local products are used as much as possible.

✔ We implement green enterprenourship. For example, cardboard furniture, using ecological cleaning and washing products, recycling, energy saving, avoiding plastics etc. Zero waste principles are applied with spa rituals and sugaring.