Ecological beauty care achieves an equal or even better result than conventional cosmetics. In the 10+ years of experience of our eco-beauty center, we have seen this confirmed daily. But finding the right products for your needs and routines at home can be a daunting task.

The beauty product market is crowded with cosmetic brands and products ranging from conventional to, ecological and organic. While some have harmful chemical ingredients, others are made only of natural components. This variety makes it complicated to be a consumer and to orient in this market.

This is why our salon creator Dace Sradere offers her many years of eco beauty experience and shares her knowledge with you in the comfort of your home, where most of your beauty routines take place.

Invite Dace to your home now to advise you on ecological beauty products and review if your current supply might be unhealthy or wrong for you. She will inspire  with beauty care habits that work well and are healthy for you and your family members. She will present you with environmentally friendly choices when it comes to beauty. ECO REVISION - a change for which your health will be very thankful.

"Why is ecological beauty care better? How to choose the right products? I do not have any health issues, why should I change my beauty product choices? These are questions that I answer the most often”, says Dace Sradere. “Changing your habits can be very hard, especially if you feel like there is no good reason for it. But the choices we make today can affect our health in the future. If we make our choices depending on product package, color or aroma and not on its ingredients, we harm our skin and health.

"Beauty products are an effective tool when strivingin for great looks and well being, but they can also be poison to our body and the environment. Unfortunately, because there is a lack of information and encouragement, so many people unknowingly continue to harm themselves when using products with synthetic ingredients."


Women and men of all ages, who have the desire to improve this integral aspect of their lives. You may have already experienced unpleasant reactions to substances in conventional cosmetics, or you have suffered from skin problems.

Youngsters whose parents are worried about their unhealthy product choices. For couples, new and expectant parents who want to make healthier choices for their child. 

ECO REVISION could also be a valuable gift for someone whose health you really care about!


!Till the end of the state emergency, on-line consultations are offered!

At your home in English, Latvian or Russian and with the participation of the residents (usually 1-2 adults and their children). All covid-19 safety precautions (masks, gloves, number of people) will be observed.

During the first part of the 2-hour event Dace will answer questions and give a consultation on the principles of proper skin care, the differences in cosmetics, a behind-the-scenes of cosmetics production. She will also provide individual and practical advice, and insight into the modern zero-waste philosophy.

The second part analyzes >50 of your cosmetic products, with an explanation of the ingredients and a justification for avoiding the product in the future or for safe use.

what are the benefits?

After ECO REVISION you will be able to choose cosmetics much smarter! To make it even easier for you to kickstart your new knowledge, within 3 days of the event you will receive an individually prepared ‘green list’ of cosmetic products available in Latvia, based on your wishes, needs, usage and shopping habits.

Consultation, gathering information about your prefered products - needs, desires, habits 
Analysis of up to 50 beauty products: creams, toners, lotions, shower gels, shampoos, oils, body milks, et cetera
After the event gathering you will receive individual recommendations for skin care, a list of green alternatives


The price of a private ECO REVISION is EUR 65.00 (including VAT) + travel costs, if outside Riga. Full discretion is guaranteed and your confidential health data will not be stored by us.

For applying, call +371 29837191, write to [email protected] or fill in the application form below.

We will contact you to arrange a convenient time for you and answer your questions.

about dace sradere

Dace Sradere, is the founder of Verdant Eco SPA, the first ecological beauty center in Riga. She began to learn about cosmetic ingredients in 2005 because she faced a serious skin problem (atopic dermatitis). Over the years, she has helped countless Verdant Eco SPA customers to choose greener beauty care products. Of the ecological cosmetics brands available in Latvia, she has tried almost everything and is convinced that

nowadays, health no longer has to be sacrificed because of beauty.

Dace is an independent expert and not affiliated with any beauty product brand, so the recommendations are based solely on her personal experience, professional input and feedback from customers at Verdant Eco SPA. Dace is critical of conventional cosmetics, drastic beauty techniques and is proof that using only ecological beauty products you can feel and look great. Apply for ECO REVISION and find out for yourself!

Dace Šrādere
Dace Šrādere

Dace Šrādere

win a free eco revision!

In order to promote the green idea in Latvia, Dace offers consultations of product ingredients in Instagram platform and 1 household per month is selected free of charge to receive a home beauty consultation.

Fill in the form below and there is a chance that ECO REVISION will come to you for free!

NB: Applications only within Riga. During the process, photos and filming is performed for publications in Verdant Eco SPA and linked social accounts.